JEE Mains

Technology is being an unavoidable factor in this modernizing era. Every one of us is the victims of its products or process. On the same line, education is more important to build the upcoming generation’s knowledge base. Not everyone is successful but everyone has a unique ability to do something in a better way. Education enlightens once brain to find the best out of him/her. The combo of technology and education will be the future’s key to success. Yes, it is the real combo which makes the upcoming generation to think in a smarter way.

When we say a combo of technology and education here comes India’s first text digital learning process introduced by Edupertz. The pattern of making learning digital is something brings a next level development. Being successful needs some smarter way of representing things.

How we digitalized the learing?

Our “MedJEE” Book has lots and lots of questions and answers, Class test portions, explanations, and Homework portions. Each and every question, chapter, homework, and class test has the QR Code. If our students scan that QR Code it redirects to our “MedJEE Mobile app”. If our student scan “session-1” QR code of the “chapter-1” in MedJEE book; it redirects to our mobile app (Mobile app should be in signed in) and display the visual representation. If our students scan the class test QR code; it redirects to the test page of MedJEE App.

While learning becomes digital, students can grow with special effects than the previous way of thinking. The digital form of learning will enrich the absorbing capacity. We all would have found the difference between the book reading and visual presentation made on the same topics, with no doubts everyone is opt for the visual presentation as it builds the curiosity to grasp the lesson. Think about a hard subject or paper being represented in a visual representation, the term visual representation is nothing but the pictures and video explaining the topic, it will be much more interesting to learn.

The best method to get success in education is self-learning and practicing. Not every practice can yield a fruitful result but a perfect practice can surely help on to taste the success. If digital learning allows students to take their own test and displays a score along with the detailed visual presentation of a topic can make anyone get the best scores in their examinations. Text digital learning is being most popular in developed countries because of the results it provides. Students are eagerly leaning their subjects as this way of learning makes their mind and thoughts refreshing. Just give a try to get participated in the text digital learning class for once, so that as a student you can feel the difference between the normal boring books and digital books!